Login Logon problems

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Login issues usually are one of the following issues:

  • The number one reason people have problems logging in is going to the wrong page.

Our certificate students log into one page, this is for those students involved in the 18 month certification to become a Montessori educator. This page is located at, just click the login link.

Our Professional Development students are enrolled for short focused classes lasting 8 to 12 weeks. This page is located at it is a notibly different layout. 


  • Your password is case sensitive.

Casey1 is not the same as casey1 or CASEY1

Please pay attention to uppercase and lowercase in your passwords. Check to see if your "caps lock" KEY IS ON. 

Sometimes in Copy/Pasting a space gets added in front or behind your password. Count the characters to be sure.

Attached is a troubleshooting flowchart:


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