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Use the Moodle Text Editor

Many Moodle pages, such as the pages for activity, resource, and section settings, have text editing tools similar to those found in word processors. This allows simple text editing for readability and organization. The editor can be used for creating bold or italic text, changing the color or background color of fonts, creating numbered lists, or adding images to a page.

guide to ediotr toolbar buttons

Text Formatting

  • Paragraph style: Choose between small, medium, and large heading, pre-formatted, and paragraph.
  • Bold: Create new bold text or make a current selection of text bold.  This can be useful when you want to call students' attention to important text, such as an assignment's due date.
  • Italic: Create new italic text or make a current selection of text italic.

Text Color and Fill

  • Font Color: Change the font color of a text selection.
  • Font Background Color: Change the background color of a text selection.

Note: Choose colors and color combinations that meet accessibility requirements.

Bullets and Numbering

  • Unordered list (bullets): Create a new list of bulleted items or turn a text selection into a bulleted list.
  • Ordered list (numbering):  Create a new numbered list or turn a text selection into a numbered list.


  • Link: Create a new hyperlink or turn a selection of text into a hyperlink. You can choose to have the link open in the same window, or a new window.
  • Unlink: Remove a hyperlink from a selection of text.

Note: Copying-and-pasting a URL into the Moodle text editor will not automatically create a hyperlink. You will need to use the hyperlink button to create a clickable link.

Image and Video

  • Image: Embed an image from the Web or upload an image from your computer using Browse repositories. This includes a required field for adding descriptive text for the image for screen readers and accessibility.
  • Media (Video): Embed a video clip from the Web or upload a media clip from your computer using the Browse repositories. For more information, see Embed Video or Audio on a Moodle Page.

Additional Text Formatting

  • Underline: Create new underlined text or underline a current selection of text. (e.g. apple)
  • Strikethrough: Create struck-through text or strike through a current selection of text. This can be helpful to show that a particular selection of text has been stricken out and amended while still leaving the past iteration visible (
  • Subscript: Create subscript. This can be particularly useful for mathematical formulas (e.g. nx-nL).
  • Superscript: Create new superscript or turn selected text into superscript. This can also be useful when working with mathematical formulas (e.g. x8).

Text Alignment

  • Left align: Align a selection of text with the left margin.
  • Center: Center a selection of text.
  • Right align: Align a selection of text with the right margin.
  • Outdent: Outdent the left margin for a selected text.
  • Indent: Indent the left margin for a selection of text.

Math and Formula Tools

  • Equation editor: Build complex formulas and mathematical operations.
  • Insert character: Insert a special character into the text such as a copyright symbol (©) or a diamond (♦).
  • Table: Insert a table into the text. Please note: Creating and formatting tables in Word or Excel is a more elegant process and allows more functionality such as table borders. We recommend copying and pasting a table created and formatted in Word or Excel directly into the Moodle text editor. For more information, see Add Table Borders In Moodle's HTML Editor.
  • Clear formatting: Clear all formatting (such as alignment, font color, or attributes such as bold and italic) from a text selection.

Undo and Redo

  • Undo: Undo the last action.
  • Redo: Redo the last undone action.

Text Accessibility

  • Accessibility checker: Check for potential accessibility issues. For example, the accessibility checker will identify red text as having too little contrast on a white background for colorblind users, and warn you if you an image does not include "alternate text."
  • Screen reader helper: Identifies the paragraph style of a text selection as well as links and images and their corresponding descriptive text.

HTML Editor

  • HTML: Switch to the HTML-format view of your existing text or write new HTML text.


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