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Help with Loading Photos

 If your photograph is rejected by the system, you can easily resize it yourself so that it will work. The steps for doing this vary depending on which type of computer you have. Below are instructions for Windows and Macintosh.

 In Windows:

    1. Right click on the image in question

   2. Scroll down to the "open with" option and select "Paint"

   3. Once the program opens up, look at your picture. You will see that it is very large. This is the true size of the image, which is why it can't be loaded into the moodle.

   4. Now, look the menu at the top of the window. Select stretch/skew

   5. You will see a new, smaller window come up called "stretch and skew" (control w does this also)

      The top half of this window is labeled stretch. By default the values there are 100% horizontal and 100% vertical.

   6. You want to shrink your image - try selecting values that will significantly decrease the size. I recommend 10%.

   7. Be careful to enter the same percentage number for both horizontal and vertical, or you will end up with something like a funhouse mirror

   8. If you don't like what you did, select "undo" from the edit menu (control z does this also), and then try again.

   9. Finally, save your changes by selecting "save" from the file menu, or control-s and try again.

  10. You are finished, close paint and try to upload the photograph again.


 On a Macintosh:

Any recent macintosh should include the iPhoto application. If you don't have it for some reason, or are feeling adventurous, try the free Seashore application for Macintosh OS X. You may have to read the users guide that comes with it to figure it out, but it won't be too difficult.

These instructions are for editing your photograph with iPhoto


   1. There are two ways to open your image in iPhoto

      1A) If you can find the iPhoto program in your Applications folder, the easiest way to begin is by launching it. Then, under the File menu, select "import to library" and select your photograph.


    1B) Or, alternatively this will work

    First, go to the Finder and locate the image you need to resize. It might be in your pictures folder, or your documents folder, or even on your desktop.


    Once you are looking at it, you need to move your mouse over its icon without clicking.

    press and hold down the control key. Now, if you click on the icon you will see a contextual menu pop up - the same thing happens if you have a two-button mouse, but these are rare in the Macintosh world.

    On the contextual menu, select "jpeg to iPhoto". The iPhoto application will come up.


   2. If iPhoto asks you whether you wish to import the image again, select "no" and find your image in the iPhoto application

   3. One you have found your image, click on it. A thin blue border will appear when it is selected.

   4. Go to the File menu. Select "Export" (shift-apple E will also bring this up)

   5. On the left side of the window is an option reading "Scale image to no larger than:" Below this are settings for width and height. By default the program will preserve the aspect ratio (avoidng that funhouse mirror look). All you need to do is enter a value for either height or width and the program will change the other value to match

   6. We suggest entering a width of 200 to 300, no more.

   7. Click the "Export" button

   8. Give the picture a new name, and select the "where" menu.

   9. Make sure you save the image to a place and name such that you'll be able to find it later.



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