How to get videos to upload faster.

The best way to increase the speed of your uploads is to make sure your video file isn't too big. By default, video cameras record at a very high quality setting, far better than web video needs to be. If you already are familiar with the uploading process, then you should be able to follow the steps below for either a Macintosh or Windows PC. The directions below will give you much smaller video files, and so much quicker uploads.





  1. Go ahead and import the movie as normal into iMovie
  2. When finished, select the clip you imported so that it is highlighted
  3. On the "File" menu, select the "SHARE" option
  4. Select "Web streaming" for the "compress movie for" option
  5. Press the "share" button, which will save the file wherever you tell it to. I recommend you give it a distinct name to separate it from the original version you imported
  6. Use this new version of the video in the CGMS uploader application

 MAC# 2 _thanks for the heads up LC

I saved the movie in quicktime on my desktop.  From Quicktime, FILE, then SHARE, then EXPORT -to itunes (it will resize to 153.7MB).  When I chose export to: “ipad, iphone, ipod touch or Apple TV the smallest file was XXX, so itunes seemed to be the only choice. 


Windows PC

  1. Go to windows movie maker.
  2. Get your video file.
  3. Drag one video to the Storyboard at the bottom.
  4. Select "Save to my computer" on the left side menu.
  5. Rename the video "SmallerVideo1" or somethng like that.
  6. Save it to the same directory.
  7. The next option says: "Compress to", set that for 3 MB * the number of minutes. So, for a 10 minute video compress it to 30 MB.
  8. ***In newer versions  of Movie Maker at this point you should click the "SAVE TO" button on the top right of the menu bar and select "COMPUTER" to greatly reduce the size of the video"  No need for step nine if the "SAVE TO" button was present, that does the same function. 
  9. Click publish and wait for it to shrink. It should be relatively quick to upload now


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    Michael Horan

    iPad software has been recommended by a student.

    This is the current link to the free software for compressing videos on your iPad , if it goes out of date search iTunes for "Video Compressor" from FBM. I have not evaluated the software, so use at your own risk.



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